Flooring Systems & Decking

Quality from the Ground Up

In addition to standard marquee floors (matting, carpeting, boarded floors) we offer a range of alternatives that allow our marquees to be placed almost anywhere, or provide options for pubs, restaurants or other venues to extend their useable outside space.

Cassette Sub-Floor

Not to be confused with boarded floors or simple extruded floor systems, Cassette is the very best floor system for marquees, providing a completely level, durable and high-quality base for your marquee, negating slopes, undulations or features in the ground beneath.

Suspended by default above the ground it allows for water to run beneath it, rather than ‘through’ the marquee, and adds strength and rigidity as well as additional ballast to the marquee construction. This makes it the premium choice for long-term marquee installations, those on ‘hard-standing’ sites where water drainage is an issue, those with a heavy footfall such as public or sporting events, or simply where your event demands the best quality.

Suspended Flooring System (SFS)

Long gone are the days when a marquee had to sit on a flat grass site, or employ costly and unreliable scaffold platforms if positioned on a sloping site. Covered Occasions can offer a state-of-the-art floor suspension system that allows our marquees to be placed on the most challenging of terrains.

With our SFS you can have your marquee on sites that have considerable slopes, undulate, or are multi-levelled. We can raise our marquee floors to 3m off the ground, so can sail over walls, hedges or other garden features, can maximise views of your location by raising the marquee above other features, or can split-level the marquee to provide interest within, providing sunken dance floors, raised dining or bar areas etc.

As well as for our marquees our SFS is available as a stand-alone product for venues wishing to extend their usable space to incorporate previously unusable areas (i.e. maximising pub gardens), or to other marquee companies who wish to install their marquees in difficult locations. Please see below.

Decking / Verandas for Marquees

We offer options for decked areas & verandas attached to your main marquee: firework viewing galleries, drinks reception areas, smoking covers, or simply outside seating areas. These can either be covered with a roof-only marquee solution, or left open-air.

With optional floor finishes including our popular wooden decking, and a range of hand-railing or balustrade solutions, these verandas can provide a fantastic addition to your event space.

Additional outside space for pubs, restaurants and other venues

If you have an area in your garden that is fundamentally unusable, be it sloping, undulating, or generally ‘unattractive’, we can cover it with a freestanding temporary / semi-permanent level decked area to maximise your usable space. Particularly applicable in the summer months when your garden space is at a premium, this system can be installed and removed according to your anticipated footfall. With the ability to allow for drop-offs of up to 3m this decking solution can cover the majority of challenging sites.

Work for other Marquee Companies

We regularly supply our Cassette, SFS and Decking systems to other marquee firms where their existing floor systems are not suitable for the event location, or do not provide the finish their clients require.


Hand-built decked steps along the front gable of a 15m wide transparent marquee, leading down to a sloping garden
a very smart frame marquee built over a 15m wide ha-ha ditch
Split level clearspan frame marquee with image looking from upper level down to lower dining area, white starcloth linings, 4m legs